About us

I-Soft creates websites and unique developments for those small- and medium-sized enterprises, who do not see projects as unwanted work, but wish to make their dreams come true.

  • we plan and create static and dynamic websites
  • we develop unique softwares
  • you can use our developers’ knowledge in the form of outsourcing


Our team has several years of experience in terms of programming and web development. We constantly follow the current web trends and educate ourselves. Our expertise and enthusiasm can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.

3 reasons to work with us:
We give you the best. You can trust in our competence that we create such a website, webshop or other development for you that can boost your productivity. You get experts’ opinion about every step of the project and the overall project itself.

We keep the deadlines. Your campaign, opening or product introduction process can launch on time due to our precision.

You can reach us any time. There is no unnecessary waiting for response, we respond to calls and emails right away.


Let’s connect, ask for a proposal!